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Disjointed lists views, related lists and reports? Unlock the power of your data by combing objects into unified views. With inline editing, row totals, conditional formatting and many more time saving features. Stop wasting time, use Relatable.

What does
it do?

Relatable helps you to make better lists. It really is that simple.

Out of the box, Salesforce's list views and related lists are limited to displaying data from a single object. This causes time wasting and data isolation, Constantly scrolling, or flicking through pages and tabs and searching for information that should be easy to access leads to frustrated users who are not seeing data in it's full context.

Over time, your Salesforce journey will see you add more objects to your organisation. As your data model increases in complexity, more and more time will be wasted by users simply trying to access data. Unified multi-object lists overcome this issue, boosting productivity and user adoption.

Relatable lets you creates lists so you can see and do more in a combined view. With inline editing, row totals, conditional formatting and many more time saving features.

Save time, be smarter, use Relatable!

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Why do
I need this?

This is for system administrators, developers, consultants, well… honestly, it’s for everyone who uses Salesforce regularly. In every department, in every industry.

If you find you’re constantly clicking, scrolling, switching views and changing pages to view and edit the information you need, Relatable is for you.

Give it a try for free on the AppExchange and see how it can save you time every day.

top 4 features

Designed for the everyday Salesforce admin. No need for coding expertise.

Code free

Configure and manage views with a user-friendly interface.

See more data

Select the objects you want to see together. Add child and grandchild records to see even more.

Stay organised

Accounts, contacts, opportunities, items, attachments… organise everything chronologically.

Save Time

See more data and take more actions from a single list view

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